Doneraile Golf Club was founded in its current location in 1927. Prior to this, the golf club was situated within Doneraile Estate (Doneraile Park as we know it today), a record of "The Doneraile Golf Club" can be found for April 1912 from the papers of Colonel James Grove White, one of the founding members. In 1927, the golf club moved the short distance across the road to its current location. The first officers elected were Captain S. R. Lysaght, President Viscount Doneraile, Secretary / Treasurer Alexander Mitchell. The original green fee was 2 shillings.

The first steeplechase finished on the location of the first fairway and ended at the steeple (no longer present) of the Protestant Church next to the first tee.

The horse race idea began as a wager made in 1752 by huntsmen Edmund Blake and Cornelius O’Callaghan to see which of their horses would gallop fastest the four miles between the steeples of St John’s Church in Buttevant and the Church of St Leger in Doneraile.

S.R. Lysaght
Stanley Nagle
Alex Mitchell
P.J. Power
Members in 1930
Members in 1938
Club Social 1972
Captain/President 1927 - 1964
Captain/President 1965 - 1990
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2017 - Doneraile Golf Club, Co. Cork, Ireland

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