Doneraile Golf Club Seniors

Seniors at Doneraile Golf Club

Every Tuesday at Doneraile Golf Club is Seniors Day for the Ladies and Gentlemen members. This day has become a hugely successful event at Doneraile and is a great opportunity to meet up with fellow members.

The day begins with a draw for partners at 10.00 am before the shotgun start (Pre Covid).

The format is a 14 hole scramble followed by a meal in the clubhouse with your playing partners.


25th January 2022

1st Paddy Hanley, Olive Shallow, Eileen Deady, Noel O'Brien 35 4/7

2nd Margaret Coakley, Eddie O'Keeffe, Pat O'Leary, Jim Doody 36 3/7

Gross T.J. Crowley, Tom O'Connell, Ger O'Donovan, Anna Cotter -5

3rd Mary Kelleher, Moss Barrett, P.J. Hammond, Dave Relihan 36 6/7 CB


18th January 2022

1st Jim Doody, Jim Fitzpatrick, Kate Walsh, Margaret Coakley 33 2/7

2nd Anne Heffernan, Michael Sugrue, P.J. Stokes, John Coughlan 34 5/7

Gross Anna Cotter, P.J. Hammond, Ger O'Donovan, Dave Relihan -3 CB

3rd Edmond Walsh, Willie Hallihan, Mary O'Keeffe, Eileen Good 37 3/7 CB


11th January 2022

1st Carol Lynes, Eileen O'Donovan, Colman Deady, Michael Forde 33 5/7

2nd Mary O'Keeffe, Pat McCarthy, Russell O'Brien, Frank Leahy 34 3/7

Gross Eileen Deady, Paddy Hanley, Eddie O'Keeffe, Tom O'Connell -5

3rd Pius O'Callaghan, John Carroll, Anne Barrett, Eileen Good 35 2/7


21st December 2021

1st Pius O'Callaghan, Moss Barrett, Pat McCarthy, Anne Barrett 35

2nd Frank Leahy, John Carroll, Margaret Coakley, Noreen Stokes 35 5/7

Gross Kate Walsh, Eddie O'Keeffe, Colman Deady, Jim Doody -4 CB

3rd Eileen Good, Mary Kelleher, Michael Forde, John O'Regan 35 6/7


16th December 2021

1st Noreen Stokes, Tom O'Connell, Colman Deady, John Coughlan 34

2nd Mary Dalton, P.J. Stokes, Paddy Hanley, Jim Doody 35 5/7 CB

Gross Charlie Hanley, Dave Relihan, Pat Dalton, Willie Walsh -5 CB

3rd Edmond Walsh, Moss Barrett, Dermot O'Driscoll, Marian O'Donovan 35 5/7 CB


30th November 2021

1st Edmond Walsh, Moss Barrett, Dermott O'Driscoll, Eileen Good 35

2nd Richard Magnier, Russell O'Brien, Kate Walsh, Noreen Stokes 35 5/7

Gross Frank Leahy, Paddy Hanley, Jim Fitzpatrick, Margaret Coakley -4 CB

3rd Olive Shallow, John Carroll, Jim Doody 35 4/5


23rd November 2021

1st Marian O'Donovan, Mary Kelleher, Russell O'Brien, Jim Doody 36 5/7

2nd Helen O'Keeffe, P.J. Hammond, Willie Hallihan, Dave Relihan 37 2/7

Gross T.J. Crowley, Anna Cotter, Tom O'Connell -3

3rd Charlie Hanley, Moss Barrett, Ger O'Donovan, June O'Conner 37 5/7


16th November 2021

1st Richard Magnier, William Walsh, John Carroll, Anne Heffernan 32 5/7

2nd Mary Cronin, Lily Cashman, Pat Dalton, Jim Doody 35 2/7

Gross Mary Dalton, Margaret Coakley, P.J. Hammond, Michael Forde -5

3rd Edmond Walsh, Eddie O'Keeffe, Bryan O'Keeffe, Helen O'Keeffe 37 1/7


9th November 2021

1st Eileen Deady, Lily Cashman, Pat McCarthy, Dave Relihan 29 6/7

2nd Frank Carey, Russell O'Brien, P.V. O'Mahoney, Eileen Good 34

Gross Marie Murphy, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, George O'Callaghan, Michael Forde -6

3rd Kieran Carey, Willie Walsh, Anne Heffernan, Alice Madden 35


2nd November 2021

1st Olive Shallow, Mary Duane, P.J. Hammond, Jim Doody 33 2/7

2nd Helen O'Keeffe, Bryan O'Keeffe, Russell O'Brien, Frank Leahy 35

Gross Michael Forde, Moss Barrett, P.J. Stokes, Anne Gaffney -5

3rd Charlie Hanley, Michael Stokes, Noreen Stokes 35 4/5


26th October 2021

1st Kate Walsh, Russell O'Brien, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Jim Doody 31

2nd Marie Murphy, Kathy Rogers, George O'Callaghan, John Coughlan 34 5/7

Gross Richard Magnier, Moss Barrett, Pat O'leary -5

3rd Edmond Walsh, Willie Hallihan, Ann Heffernan, Alice Madden 35 3/7


19th October 2021

1st Carol Lynes, Tom O'Connell, Dave Relihan 34 2/5

2nd Pius O'Callaghan, Colman Deady, Russell O'Brien, Ann Barrett 35 2/7

Gross Mary O'Keeffe, Frank Leahy, Michael Stokes, John Coughlan -6

3rd Paddy Hanley, John Carroll, Jim Fitzpatrick, Marie Murphy 37 1/7


12th October 2021

1st Colman Deady, Willie Walsh, Kathy Rodgers, Anne Heffernan 30 3/7

2nd Ina Walsh, June O'Connor, Moss Barrett, Charlie Reynolds 34 1/7

Gross Frank Carey, Tom O'Connell, Paddy Hanley, Kay O'Keeffe -7

3rd Dave Relihan, Charlie Hanley, Gay O'Callaghan, Margaret Coakley 34 1/7


5th October 2021

1st Frank Carey, P.J. Stokes, Kate Walsh, Mary Kelleher 32 3/7

2nd T.J. Crowley, Eddie O'Keeffe, Lily Cashman, Kay O'Keeffe 34

Gross Frank Leahy, George O'Callaghan, Kathy Rodgers, Anna Cotter -4

3rd Dave Relihan, Russell O'Brien, Marian O'Donovan, June O'Connor 35 1/7


28th September 2021

1st Eileen Deady, Noel O'Brien, P.J. Stokes, Dave Relihan 34

2nd P.J. Hammond, Nellie O'Keeffe, Pius O'Callaghan, Frank Leahy 36 6/7

Gross Richard Magnier, Kieran Carey, Willie Walsh, Anne Gaffney -4

3rd Charlie Hanley, Pat McInerney, Margaret Coakley, Eileen Good 39


21st September 2021 Outing to East Cork GC

1st Edmond Walsh, P.J. Hammond, Kay O'Keeffe, Mary Duane 38 6/7

2nd Tim Hickey, Michael Stokes, P.J. Stokes, Olive Shallow 40 4/7

Gross Tom O'Connell, Frank Leahy, W.P. Hallihan, Margaret Coakley -1

3rd Nellie O'Keeffe, June O'Connor, Eddie O'Keeffe, Charlie Reynolds 40 6/7


14th September 2021

1st TJ Crowley, George O'Callaghan, Michael Stokes, Margaret Coakley 33 4/7

2nd Moss Barrett, Jim Fitzpatrick, Mary Kelleher, Mairead Twomey 34

Gross Frank Carey, Colman Deady, Eileen Deady, Mary McCarthy -4 (CB)

3rd Dave Relihan, Ger O'Donovan, Noel O'Brien, Kay O'Keeffe 34 6/7


31st August 2021

1st Mary Kelleher, June O'Connor, William Hallihan, Charlie Reynolds 29 2/7

2nd Edmond Walsh, Bryan O'Keeffe, Helen O'Keeffe, Mary Dalton 32 5/7

Gross Frank Carey, Mick Deady, Pat McCarthy, Mary Duane -5

3rd Kathy Rodgers, Gay O'Callaghan, Pat O'Leary, Dermot O'Driscoll 34 1/7


24th August 2021

1st Dave Relihan, Moss Barrett, Kate Walsh, Helen McCarthy 32 5/7

2nd Nellie O'Keeffe, Olive Shallow, John O'Regan 33 2/5

Gross Tim Hickey, Ger O'Donovan, Mary McCarthy, Kay O'Keeffe -5 CB

3rd P.V. O'Mahoney, Jerry Considine, P.J. Hammond, Charlie Reynolds 35 3/7


17th August 2021

1st Ann Barrett, Edmond Walsh, Paddy Hanley, Willie Hallihan 31

2nd Pius O'Callaghan, Moss Barrett, Jim Fitzpatrick, Nellie O'Keeffe 33

Gross Diarmuid O'Flynn, Joe Nagle, P.J. Hammond, P.V. O'Mahony -4

3rd George O'Callaghan, Noel O'Brien, John Carroll, Kay O'Keeffe 36 2/7

10th August 2021

1st Dave Relihan, Mick Deady, John Carroll, Mary O'Keeffe 34

2nd Helen O'Keeffe, Bryan O'Keeffe, Carol Lynes, Jim Doody 34 4/7

Gross Tim Hickey, Michael Forde, Noel O'Brien, Kate Walsh -6

3rd Marian O'Donovan, Lily Cashman, Russell O'Brien, Tom O'Connell 34 6/7


3rd August 2021

1st Mary Duane, Marian O'Donovan, Colman Deady, Richard Magnier 35

2nd Lily Cashman, Mary O'Keeffe, Michael Stokes, Michael Forde 36

Gross T.J. Crowley, Joe Nagle, Eddie O'Keeffe, Mary Cronin -5

3rd Edmond Walsh, Willie Hallihan, Jimmy Fitzpatrick 36 2/5

27th July 2021

1st Nellie O'Keeffe, Richard Magnier, Dermot O'Driscoll, Mick Deady 33 3/7

2nd Charlie Hanley, Ger O'Donovan, Pat O'Leary, Carol Lynes 34 1/7

Gross Frank Carey, Kieran Carey, Alice Madden, Joe Nagle -5

3rd Charlie Reynolds, Willie Hallihan, Lily Cashman, Mary Kelleher 36 2/7


20th July 2021

1st Tim Hickey, Frank Carey, Joe Nagle, Anne Gaffney 32 1/7 (-11)

2nd Kathy Rodgers, Russell O'Brien, Pat O'Leary, John O'Regan 33

Gross Diarmuid O'Flynn, Ger O'Donovan, Mary O'Keeffe -5

3rd Eddie Walsh, Moss Barrett, Michael Stokes, Kate Walsh 35


13th July 2021

1st Frank Leahy, Marian O'Donovan, Joe Nagle, Michael Stokes 33 1/7

2nd Kathy Rodgers, Helen O'Keeffe, Bryan O'Keeffe, Michael Forde 36 3/7

Gross Tim Hickey, Kate Walsh, Dermot O'Driscoll, Pat McInerney -5

3rd Eddie Walsh, Dave Relihan, Kieran Carey, June O'Connor 37 5/7


6th July 2021

1st Tom O'Connell, Moss Barrett, Mary O'Keeffe 36 3/5

2nd Mary Kelleher, Eddie O'Keeffe, Michael Deady, Richard Magnier 37 1/7

Gross Marian O'Donovan, Pius O'Callaghan, Charlie Hanley -4

3rd Eddie Walsh, John Carroll, Pat O'Leary, Carol Lynes 37 2/7


29th June 2021

1st Diarmuid O'Flynn, Pat O'Leary, Mary O'Keeffe, Carol Lynes 32 2/7

2nd Eddie Walsh, Bryan O'Keeffe, Helen O'Keeffe, Nellie O'Keeffe 35 2/7

Gross Richard Magnier, Willie Hallihan, Ger O'Donovan, Anna Cotter -5 CB

3rd P.V. O'Mahony, Pat Dalton, Jerry Considine, Jim Doody 36 4/7


22nd June 2021

1st Tim Hickey, John Carroll, Eileen Deady, Helen McCarthy 30 4/7

2nd Diarmuid O'Flynn, Willie Walsh, Alice Madden, Mary Kelleher 33 4/7

Gross Helen O'Keeffe, June O'Connor, Bryan O'Keeffe, Jim Doody -5

3rd P.V. O'Mahony, Carol Lynes, Jim Fitzpatrick, John Coughlan 35 5/7


15th June 2021

1st Charlie Hanley, Michael Stokes, Mary Dalton, Alice Madden 32 1/7

2nd Diarmuid O'Flynn, Demott O'Driscoll, Pat McInerny, Carol Lynes 33 3/7

Gross Richard Magnier, Colman Deady, Mary Cronin, Kate Walsh -6

3rd Mary O'Keeffe, Lily Cashman, Pat O'Leary, John Coughlan 33 6/7 

8th June 2021

1st Jim Doody, Pat Dalton, Lily Cashman, Kay O'Keeffe 32 3/7

2nd Carol Lynes, Mary Dalton, Patrick McCarthy, Tim Hickey 33 5/7

Gross Richard Magnier, George O'Callaghan, Alice Madden, Noel O'Brien -6

3rd Vera Devlin, Olive Shallow, Paddy Hanley, John O'Regan 34 4/7

1st June 2021

1st Eddie Walsh, George O'Callaghan, Catherine Corkery, Mary Kelleher 32 2/7

2nd Paddy Hanley, Pat O'Leary, Lily Cashman, Kay O'Keeffe 34 2/7

Gross Marian O'Donovan, PJ Hammond, Ger O'Donovan, Charlie Reynolds -5 CB

3rd Charlie Hanley, Russell O'Brien, Noel O'Brien, Olive Shallow 35 2/7


25th May 2021

1st TJ Crowley, Helen O'Keeffe, Bryan O'Keeffe, Mary Kelleher 34 4/7

2nd Eddie Walsh, Paddy Hanley, John Carroll, Eileen Good 36 1/7

Gross Eileen Deady, Kieran Carey, Pat O'Leary, John O'Regan -4

3rd Mary McCarthy, Patrick McCarthy, Dan Philpott, Jim Doody 36 5/7

18th May 2021
1st T.J.Crowley, Pat McCarthy, P.V.O’Mahony, Helen McCarthy                       34 5/7

2nd Mary McCarthy, Noel O’Brien, Frank Leahy, Tom O’Connell                        34 6/7                                               

Gross Olive Shallow, Dermot O’Driscoll, Dan Philpott, Charlie Reynolds           -5                                                           

3rd Oliver Deady, P.J.Hammond, Mary Dalton, Carol Lynes                             36 2/7