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Doneraile Golf Club is committed to developing juniors at club level. With ageing club memberships and the overall decline in golf participation, junior members have never been more important to the future of golf clubs. Similarly, never before have children had more variety and opportunity in terms of activities, all competing to occupy their spare time and attract their talent. To give young golfers the best start in the game, Doneraile Golf Club aims to provide an environment where they can develop their skills and provide encouragement to enable them to progress to whatever level they aspire to. 

The aim of the Doneraile Junior Academy is to

  • Recruit junior boys and girls

  • Increase participation

  • Retain juniors through the provision of engaging coaching sessions, enjoyable additional activities and sustainable structures.


There are many reasons why golf is appealing to young people and their parents/guardians including: 

  • Golf welcomes players of all ages and abilities.  

  • Golf is a fun and challenging game. 

  • The risk of injury is low.  

  • The skill set required is different in comparison with traditionally popular sports such as GAA, rugby and soccer. 

  • Golf can be played as both an individual and team sport and is suitable for families and groups. 

  • Golf is a lifelong activity and is suitable for all ages and abilities.  

  • Golf can provide networking opportunities and can be more social than other sports. 

  • Golf promotes skills and values such as leadership, sportsmanship, communication, self-management, respect, honesty, integrity, responsibility, perseverance and good etiquette. 

  • There are many fantastic role models in Irish golf including professionals such as James Sugrue, Shane Lowry, Rory McIlroy, Leona McGuire and Stephanie Meadow as well as many talented amateurs. 


Doneraile Junior Golf Academy aims to provide a healthy & successful Junior section through the following measures 

  • Structured coaching opportunities 

  • Range of competitive opportunities for all abilities 

  • Appropriate fees & subscriptions 

  • Volunteers & support from the club 

  • Strong organisation 

  • Appropriate funds to support the section 

  • Junior handicapping 

  • Planning & Development 

  • Rules & etiquette guidance 

  • Recruitment & retention 

  • Appropriate safeguarding procedures 

  • A club children’s officer.


The culmination of this activity resulted in the club winning their first ever Golf Sixes All Ireland Final in 2021. A fantastic result.

The following link from Golf Ireland gives a detailed Q&A for parents.


Summer Program

The Summer Program runs for 8 weeks from the end of June to the end of Aug and is open to children aged between 10-18 years of age. All children are required to be members and payment can be made on the initial day of the program or to the golf club directly.

The club also runs a Cadet program for children between (8-9) years.


Please email if you wish to register your child for any of the 2024 Summer programs.

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