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Doneraile Golf Club Ladies Results 

9 hole ongoing May competition 2019


Cat 0-20 No returns

Cat 21-30 Mary O'Keeffe (21) 20 pts

Cat 31-45 Kay O'keeffe (33) 16 ptsResults: 18 hole stroke 19th & 22nd May

1st:  Sarah Coughlan (19) 70 B9

2nd:  Geraldine Ryan (21) 70

Results: S/ford 9 holes Thursday 16th May

1st: Francis Cremis Power (41)22 pts

2nd: Anne Heffernan (23) 21 pts

Gross: Marie Murphy (24) 20pts

Results: V PAR 9hole Wednesday 15th May

1st:  Sarah Coughlan (17) 3 up

2nd: Liz Sheehy (33) 2 up

Gross: Jennifer Hickey (3) 2D

Results:  9 hole Stroke Tuesday 14th May

1st:  Sarah Coughlan (18) 31

2nd: Marie Kelleher (27)  33

Gross:  Helen O'Keffee (18) 34

Results: 9 hole Stableford Monday 13th May

1st:  Sarah Coughlan (19) 23pts

2nd: Marian O'Donovan (27) 22pts

Gross:  Trudy Brosnan (12) 16pts

Results: Ladies Open 3 Balll Rumble May 10th

Winners:   Paula Russell

                  Joan Harrington

                 Mary Kelleher            74 pts

2nd:         Anne Heffernan

                 Anna Cotter

                Clare Hammilton       73 pts

3rd          Geraldine Ryan

                Helen Stafford

               Olive Shallow            70 pts                   

Results:  MS Ireland 

18 holes single Stableford

Sunday 27th April & Wednesday May 1st

Winner:  Sarah Coughlan (19) 35pts

2nd Eleanor Coughlan (16) (B6)

Results:  9 hole single Stableford

Wednesday 24th April

Winner:  Anne Gaffney (29) 16pts

Results: 18 hole singles Stableford

Sunday 21st April & Wednesday 24th April

Winner:  Anne Heffernan (23) 39pts

Results: 18 holes singles Stableford

Wednesday 17th April

Winner:  Eleanor Coughlan (16) 34pts

Results:18 holes singles Stableford

Sunday 7th April & Wednesday 10th April

Winner: Sarah Coughlan (19) 40pts

2nd: Marie Murphy (24) 38pts

Doneraile Golf Club Ladies Results;

Lady Captain's Charity Day

In Aid of Parkinsons' Ireland

Winners 18 Hole Team Event

Ann Courtney

Sharon Curtin

Patricia V O Mahony



Margaret Coakley

Mary O Keeffe

Kay O Keeffe



Bernie O'Connor

Eilish O'Connor

Catherine Murphy

84pts (b9)

9 Hole Team Event


Ann Barrett

Mary Dalton

June O'Connor



Claire Collins

F C Power

Ann V D Molen



Catherine Corkery

Helen Barry


Nearest the Pin

Eleanor Coughlan

March 9 hole Ongoing Results;

Category 0-20

Winner E Coleman (13) 21pts

2nd       K Hunter    (12) 20pts

Catergory 21-30

Winner  Mary O Keeffe (21) 19pts

2nd        E O Donovan   (25) 18pts

Category 31-45

Winner  K O Keeffe   (32) 19pts (b6)

2nd       J Harrington (37) 19pts


Spring League Final Results

March  31st  2019

Team 3            V           Team 4

S Coughlan   bt           A Cotter (sub)

A Heffernan lost to    M Coakley

M Kelleher    lost to    A Barrett

M Dalton       bt          K O Keeffe

P V O Mahony lost to F C Power

18 Hole Singles March 27th 2019

Winner M Dalton (30) 39pts

Spring League Semi Final Results

March 24th 2019

Team 1            V          Team 2

E Coughlan    bt          M Farrell

M Murphy    lost to     M Coakley

M O Donovan lost to A Barrett

J O Connor  lost to     K O Keeffe

L Walsh       lost to     F C Power

Team 3         V            Team 4

A Cotter     bt            S Coughlan

E O Donovan lost to A Heffernan

M Cronin   bt            M Kelleher

J Harrington lost to M Dalton

A V D Molen lost to P V O Mahony

18 Hole Singles March 20th.

Winner A Barrett (28) 35pts

February 2019, 9 Hole Ongoing;

Category 0-20

Winner - Sarah Coughlan (19) 22Pts

2nd;- Anna Cotter (19) 20Pts

Category 21 - 30

Winner - Mary Dalton (30) 22Pts

2nd - Anne Heffernan (23) 21Pts

Category 31 - 45

Winner - Joan Harrington (37) 21Pts

2nd - Kay O'Keeffe (32) 19Pts

January 2019, 9 Hole Ongoing:

Catagory  0-20:

Winner:- Sarah Coughlan (19) 26pts

2nd:- Eileen Coleman (13) 15pts

Catagory 21-30

Winner:- Marie Murphy (24) 22pts

2nd:- Marian O'Donovan (27) 20pts

Catagory 31-45

Winner:- Kay O'Keeffe (32) 21pts

2nd:- June O'Connor (31) 21pts 

Wednesday 27th June 2018 + Alternate Day

Sunday 24th June 2018

18H Invitational 4 Ball Better Ball

Play in Pink in aid of Breast Cancer Research

Winners:- Susan Curtin (7) Mallow 

                Anna Cotter (20)      43pts

2nd:-        Aoibheann Daly (21) 

                Cassie Cotter (24)

                Limerick                 41pts B9

Gross:-     Paula Walsh (4) 

                Michelle Tobin (8)      

                Cork Golf Club     G 32pts

Wednesday 20th June 2018

18H Singles Stableford

Winner:- Aoibheann Daly (21) 38pts

2nd:-       Rachel Kelleher (18)  35pts

CSS 38pts

Wednesday 13th June 2018

18H Singles Stableford

Winner:- Aoibheann Daly (23) 42pts

CSS 37pts

Wednesday 6th June 2018

18H Singles V Par

Winner:-Margaret O'Brien (293Up

2nd:-      Eleanor Coughlan(17) A/F

CSS  2Up

Wednesday 30th May 2018 + Alternate Day Sunday 27th May 2018

18H Singles Stableford

Winner: Anne Barrett (33)       35pts

CSS Sunday 27th May 2018 N/A

CSS Wednesday 30th May 2018 34pts

Wednesday 23rd May 2018 + Alternate Day Sunday 20th May 2018

18H Singles V Par

Winner: Eleanor Coughlan (17) 1D (B9)

2nd:       Anna Cotter (20)          1D

CSS Sunday 20th May 2018 2D (R/O)

CSS Wednesday 23rd May 2018  1U

Thursday 17th May 2018 - Open Week

9H Open Singles Stableford

Winner:Paula Russell (23 Adj)20pts

2nd:      Eilish O'Flynn (24)    20pts


Gross:   Ann Ladd (12)          10pts G


Wednesday 16th May 2018 - Open Week

9H Open Singles V Par

Winner:Karena Hunter (11)    4 Up

2nd:Sarah Coughlan (25 Adj) 4 Up

Gross:   Paula Walsh (3)        3 Dn G

Tuesday 15th May 2018 - Open Week

9H Open Singles Stroke

Winner:Noreen Roche (27)        30.5

2nd: Sarah Coughlan (26 Adj)  34

Gross:   Paula Walsh (3)           36

Monday 14th May 2018 - Open Week

9H Open Singles Stableford

Winner:Sarah Coughlan (28)  22pts

2nd:      Paula Russell (24)      21pts

Gross:   Paula Walsh (3)        14pts G

Sunday 13th May 2018​

18 Holes Singles Stableford

Winner: Jean Harrington (26) 34pts

2nd:       Paula Russell (24)      30pts

CSS 35pts

Saturday 12th May 2018

18 Holes Singles Stableford

Winner: Karena Hunter (12)    40pts

CSS 37pts

Friday 11th May 2018

Ladies Open 3 Ball Rumble


Paula Walsh (3)

Karena Hunter (12)

Taylore Hunter (16)                  82pts


Jennifer Hickey (5)     Mallow

Margaret Collins (20) Mallow

Noreen Murphy (27)  Mallow   78pts


Margaret Coakley (20)

Mary O'Keeffe (20)

Ann O'Sullivan  Mallow    75pts on CB

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

18 Holes Singles Stableford

Winner: Sharon Curtin (27) 37pts

CSS: 36pts

Wednesday 25th April 2018 + Alternate Day Saturday 21st April 2018

MS Ireland 

Winner: Rachel Kelleher (18) 39pts

2nd: Eileen O'Donovan (24) 38pts

Gross: Paula Walsh (3) 34pts (nett score)

9 Hole Ongoing (A)

Winner: Paula Russell (24) 23pts

Runner-Up: Marie Kelleher (27) 22pts

Wednesday 11th April 2018

18 Holes Singles Stableford

Winner: Marie Kelleher (27) 36pts CB

Wednesday 4th April 2018 & Sunday 8th April 2018 from 12 noon

Lady Captain (Trisha O'Donovan)

Open Charity Event - 9H 3 Ball Waltz


Ladies: Paula Russell, Noreen Roche, Jean Harrington (50pts)

Gents: Pat McCarthy, Jim Doody, Eamonn Fitzgerald (51pts)

Mixed: Pius O'Callaghan, Marie Murphy, Nicolette O'Mahony

Novice: Marie Kelleher, Eoin Kelleher, Colm O'Mahony

Easter Lamb 2018

Kindly Sponsored by

Sheehan Butchers Mallow

Winner: Marie Murphy (26) 62pts

Runner-Up:Eleanor Coughlan (17) 56pts CB

Sunday 25th March 2018

Spring League Final Results

Kindly Sponsored by

Doneraile Golf Bridge Club

Team 1 - Winners

Paula Walsh

Geraldine Ryan

Marie Murphy

Sarah Coughlan

June O'Connor

Team 3 - Runners-Up

Eileen Coleman

Mary O'Keeffe

Noreen Roche

Mary Dalton

Joan Harrington

Class Prizes:

Class 1  ( 0-23) Eilis Lane Nagle  69

Class 2  (24-29) Sarah Coughlan 77

Class 3  (30-36) Mary Dalton      61

Saturday 10th March 2018

Spring League Semi Final Results

Team 1             V        Team 4

Paula Walsh         bt          Karena Hunter

Geraldine Ryan    lost to   Anna Cotter

Marie Murphy      bt          Marian O'Donovan

Sarah Coughlan   bt         Helen Stafford

June O'Connor     bt          Mary Kelleher

Team 2               V         Team 3

Eleanor Coughlan lost to   Eileen Coleman

Rachel Kelleher      bt         Mary O'Keeffe

Anne Heffernan    lost to   Noreen Roche

Marie Kelleher      lost to   Mary Dalton

Liz Walsh        (called in)   Joan Harrington 

Sunday 26th November 2017

Xmas Prizes - Bring & Win

Winner:Eilis Lane Nagle (20) 23pts  B6

2nd:       Marie Murphy (27) 23 pts

3rd:       Clare Hamilton (19) 21pts

Turkey No 4

Winner:Trisha O'Donovan (32) 25pts

2nd:      Marie Murphy (27) 22pts B3

Turkey No 3

Winner: Sarah Coughlan (26) 23pts

2nd:       Ger Ryan (21) 21pts

Turkey No 2

Winner: Rachel Kelleher (19) 26pts CB

2nd:        Sarah Coughlan (27) 26pts

Turkey No 1

Winner: Sarah Coughlan (29) 27pts

2nd:       Paula Russell (24) 25pts

15th October 2017

Ladies 15 Hole Hamper 

1st:       Paula Russell (24) 32pts

2nd:     Trisha O'Donovan (32) 31pts

Gross:  Paula Walsh (3) 27pts

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