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Singles 18th October 2020

1st Ben Buckley 42pts

2nd Patrick Enright 41pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony 38pts

Singles 10th & 11th October 2020

1st Luke Ring 43pts

2nd Hugh Nolan 42pts

Gross Killian Cotter 36pts

Best Sat Barry Hallahan 40pts

Best Sun Michael Forde 40pts

Senior Scratch Cup 4th October 2020

1st Peter O'Keeffe (Douglas) 69

2nd Tim O'Mahony 69

3rd Hugh Nolan 70

Nett Tim Deady 67

Singles 3rd October 2020

1st Damien Hallahan 38pts

2nd PJ Hammond 38pts

Gross Tom Sheehan 33pts

Scratch Cups Weekend 26th & 27th September 2020

Junior Scratch Cup
1st Ciaran Rice 67
2nd Pheilim Cotter (Slievenamon) 69
3rd Jack Heffernan 69
Best Nett Keith Sweeney 63

Intermediate Scratch Cup
1st David Brosnan 76
2nd Sean Cole 80 (B9)
3rd David O Callaghan 80
Best Nett Colm O'Mahony & Paul Mannix 66

Minor Scratch Cup
1st Darragh Nolan (Fermoy) 82
2nd Adrian O' Sullivan 83
3rd Owen Magner 85
Best Nett Ian O Mahony 66

Singles 19th & 20th September 2020

1st Tom Sheehan 41pts

2nd TJ Willis 41pts

Gross John Hickey 36pts

Lady Captain's/President's Prize to Gents 12th & 13th September 2020

1st Mark Linehan 45pts

2nd Darren Roche 42pts

Gross Hugh Nolan 34pts

3rd Diarmuid O'Flynn 41pts

Best Sat Neil Buckley 41pts

Best Sun John Meade 41pts

Singles 5th & 6th September 2020

1st John Boyle 40pts
2nd Ciaran Rice 39pts
Gross Tim O'Mahony 36pts
Best Sat David Brosnan 39pts (B9)
Best Sun Colm O'Mahony 37pts (B9)
CSS Sat 67 CSS Sun 68

Singles 30th September 2020

1st Thomas Daly 43pts

2nd Colm O'Mahony 41pts

3rd Cathal Sweeney 39pts

Singles 22nd & 23rd August 2020

1st Conor McCann 41pts

2nd Ian O'Mahony 41pts

Gross Michael Quirke 35pts

Best Saturday Trevor McSweeney 37pts

Best Sunday Damien Hallahan 39pts

Singles 16th August 2020

1st Keith Sweeney 43pts

2nd Rory O'Donovan 41pts

Gross John Hickey 37pts

Singles Stroke 8th & 9th August 2020

1st John Mulchinock 66

2nd Pat Mulumphy 68

Gross Tom Sheehan 75

9 Hole Scramble 1st to 3rd August 2020

Gents J Mulchinock, P Mannix, M Collins 39pts

Ladies R Kelleher, M Kelleher, F Cremin Power 35pts

Mixed TJ Cotter, B Buckley, A Cotter 35pts

18 Hole Singles 25th & 26th July 2020

1st Cian Coughlan 42pts

2nd Paul Sweeney 42pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony 36pts

9 Hole Ongoing 20th to 24th July 2020

1st Sean Cole 23pts

9 Hole Singles 18th & 19th July 2020

1st John Hickey 22pts

2nd Neil Buckley 22pts

Gross Darren Roche 18pts

9 Hole Ongoing 13th to 17th July 2020

1st Cian Coughlan 23pts

2nd Tommy Cornally 23pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony 19pts


9 Hole Singles 11th & 12th July 2020

1st Billy Cotter 22pts

2nd Stephen Rice 21pts

Gross John Hickey 18pts

9 Hole Ongoing 6th  to 10th July 2020

1st Richard Magnier 22pts

2nd Stephen Rice 22pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony 18pts

9 Hole Singles Weekend 4th & 5th July 2020

1st Eddie O'Keeffe 21pts

2nd Ciaran Rice 21pts

Gross Killian O'Donovan 16pts

9 Hole Ongoing 29th June to 3rd July 2020

1st Luke Ring 23pts 

2nd Ian O'Mahony 23pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony 20pts

Seniors PJ Hammond 22pts

17th Jan 12 Hole Singles

1st J Glassett 32pts

Gross T O'Mahony -4

12th Jan 18 hole Fourball Draw

1st J O'Mahony & Pat O'Callaghan 53 pts

Gross T O'Mahony & J Coughlan 42 pts

11th & 12th Jan 12 Hole Singles

1st B Kelleher 30pts

Gross H Nolan -2

5th Jan 12 hole Fourball Draw

1st J Hickey & N Buckley 43pts

Gross T O'Mahony & I O'Mahony -7

4th Jan 2020 12 Hole Singles

1st Neil Buickley 32pts

Gross H Nolan -5

23rd Dec 2019 to 3rd Jan 2020

Any Combination Scramble

Gents Jim Doody, TJ Crowley & B Crowley 43pts

Gents Gross D Finn, T Sheehan & T Heenan -6

Mixed 1st S Coughlan, C Coughlan & T O'Mahony 41pts

Mixed 2nd J Power, F Power & A Van Der Molen 41pts

Ladies C Hamilton, E O'Donovan, H Stafford 33pts


Sun 15th Dec 14 Holes Turkey Draw

1st A O Reilly & Eddie O Keeffe  41pts


Sat 14th Dec 12 Holes Singles

1st  T J Crowley  31 pts

Sunday 8th Dec 15 Holes Turkey Draw

1st J Glassett & E O Shaugnnessey  48 pts

Gross T O Mahony & P Mannix  32 pts

Sat 7th Dec 12 Hole Singles

1st  Stephen Rice 31pts

Gross  Hugh Nolan 28 pts

Sunday 1st Dec 2019 18 Holes Turkey Draw

1st  Eddie Roche & John Curran  52 pts

Gross  M Quirke  & D Harrington  38 pts

Saturday 30th Nov 2019 12 Holes Singles

1st John Glassett    31pts

Gross  Dave Finn  26 pts


Sunday 24th Nov 2019 18 Holes Turkey Draw

1st W Sweeney & Michael Sheehan  48 pts

Gross TO Mahony & J O Mahony  41pts

Sat 23rd Nov 2019 12 Holes Singles 

1st Ray McMahon  31 pts 

Gross H Nolan  26 pts ( b3 )

Sunday 17th Nov 2019 18 Holes Turkey Draw

1st Sean Cole & J Doody  53 pts

Gross S Stack & Pat Enright 44 pts

Saturday16th Nov 2019 12 Holes Singles

1st Brian Kelleher  34 pts

Saturday 9th & 10th Nov 2019 Xmas Hamper

1st Ian O Brien  42 pts

2nd Seamus Buckley 40 pts ( B9 )

Gross T O Mahony  39 pts

Best Sat   Seamus Stack 37 pts

Best Sunday Tom Cole 40 pts

2nd Nov and 3rd Nov 2019

1st C O Mahony  48 pts

Gross T O Mahony  39 pts 

Sat 26th, Sun 28th and Mon 28th Oct 2019

Club Fund Raiser


J O Mahony,C O Mahony,I O Mahony


Hugh Nolan, E Roche Noreen Roche


P V O Mahony, A Barrett, J O Connor


C Reynolds, D O Driscoll, J O Regan

19th & 20th October

1st Michael Sheehan 43pts

2nd Ben Buckley 39pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony 39pts

12th & 13th October 2019

9 Hole Gents Singles

1st Edmond Roche 23pts

9 Hole Scramble

Gents TJ Cotter & Rory O'Donovan 25 nett

Ladies Noreen Roche & Paula Russell 25.5 nett

Mixed Darren Roche & Noreen Roche 23 nett

5th & 6th Oct 2019

1st Micheal Sheehan   42 pts

2nd Stephen Rice 40 pts ( B.9 )

Gross  T O Mahony 38 pts


28th & 29th September 2019

1st Ben Buckley  39 pts

2nd Kevin Stack  38 pts ( B. 9 )

Gross  Tim O Mahony   37 pts

21st & 22nd September 18 Holes Singles

1st Jack O Keeffe  42 pts

2nd Ben Buckley  40 pts

Gross John Hickey  34 pts

15th September 2019

1st Paul Mannix   47 pts

2nd TJ Cotter  44 pts

Gross J Hickey  39 pts

7th & 8th September 18 Hole Singles

1st Ciaran Rice 44pts

2nd Dermot O'Driscoll 42pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony 37pts

31st Aug & 1st Sept Ladies Capt/Pres Prize to Gents 2019

1st Conor McCann 41pts

2nd Cian Coughlan 40pts

Gross John Hickey 37pts

Sunday the 25th August 2019

18 Holes Singles

1st  Ryan Hallihan   45pts

2nd  Barry Hallihan  40pts

Gross Tadgh Heenan  35pts

Sunday 18th August Senior Scratch Cup 2019

1st Peter O Keeffe  Douglas  3under

2nd Tim O Mahony  Doneraile  1under

3rd  Hugh Nolan  Doneraile  Level Par

Best Nett  John Howard Fota  67

Saturday 17th August 18 holes Singles Stableford 2019

1st David Brosnan  43 pts

2nd C Rice 40 pts 

Gross K Cotter

Sunday 10th August 18 Hole Singles 2019

1st Killian O Donovan  43 pts

2nd Colm O Mahony  40 pts

Gross Tim O Mahony  39 pts

Fri 2nd,Sat 3rd & Sun 4th August 2019

President Prize ( Mr Noel O Brien )

1st John Curran 45 pts ( B9 )

2nd Rory O Donovan  45pts 

Gross Dave Finn  39pts 

3rd Andy O Reilly  43pts

4th Seamus O Mahony 42 pts

5th Michael Forde  41 pts

6th Jack O Keeffe 40 pts

Past President Dermott Harrington 30 pts

Best Friday Michael G Cotter  40 pts

Best Saturday Colm O Mahony 38 pts

Best Sunday  Finbarr Hallihan  40 pts

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th July 2019


1st TJ Cotter (13) & R O Donovan (21) ---31pts


1st C Hamilton (10) & J Harringhton (37) ---28pts


1st H Nolan (3) & C Collins (32) -----31pts

18 Hole Stableford Singles 20th & 21st July

1st Killian O'Donovan (11) 42pts

2nd Conor McCann (17) 41pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony (+1) 38pts

3rd Barry Hallahan (13) 41pt

18 Holes Singles 13th & 14th July

1st Darren Roche (5) 41pts

2nd Seamus Stack (3) 40pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony (+1) 37pts

Open Singles 6th & 7th July 2019

1st John Meade  42 pts ( B 9 )

2nd Derrick Fitzgearld  42 pts

Gross Darren Roche 35 pts

3rd Jonathan O Callaghan 40 pts

Sunday 23rd June 2019


Killian O Donovan 37 pts

Junior Scratch Cup 16th June 2019

First Damien Hallahan 70

Second Jonathan O'Callaghan 71(B9)

Third James O'Mahony 71

Nett Ciaran Rice 65 (B9)

Intermediate Scratch Cup 15th June 2019

First   John Mulchinock 77 (B9)

Second   JJ O'Sullivan (Cobh) 77 (B9)

Third   Liam Carleton 77

Nett   Ryan Hallahan 79

Minor Scratch Cup 15th June 2019

First    Colm O'Mahony 89 (B9)

Second    Donal Mellerick 89

Third   Rory O'Donovan 90

Nett   John Meade 69


Sunday 9th June 2019

18 Holes Singles Stableford

1st   Darren Roche  36pts 

Mr Jim Doody's Captain's Prize 31st May - 2nd June 2019        
Winner    Barry Hallihan    94.5 
Second    John Curran    95 
Third       Billy Sherlock    95 
Fourth     Pa Enright    97 
Fifth        Jack O'Keeffe    98.5  
Sixth       Mark Linehan    100 
Leading Qualifier     Paul Sweeney    65  
Gross 27    Sean Enright    -3    
Gross 18    Tim O'Mahony    level   
Past Captain     Thomas Cole    101  
Best Senior       George O'Callaghan    104   
Third 9      Liam Dorgan    35.5    
First 9        Michael Cotter    31    
Secomnd 9    Rory O' Donovan    28.5  
Best Guest    Edmund Mellerick    65  
Best Friday        Hugh Nolan    66 
Best Saturday    Jonathan  O'Callaghan    66 
Best Sunday      Ryan Hallahan    68


25th & 26th May 2019

18 Holes Singles Stableford

CSS 68


Killian Cotter  37 pts   ( B 9 )


Connor McCann  37pts


18th & 19th May 2019

1st J O Mahony & S O Mahony 45 pts

2nd K O Donovan & R Hallihan 44 pts

Gross D Finn & T Heenan 39pts

17th May 9 Hole Scotch Fouresomes

1st Gents

F Hallihan & J Curran  28.75

1st  Ladies

Ellen Walsh & Noreen Roche  33

1st Mixed

Aoibheann Daly & T J Willis  29.75  ( B 6 )

16th May 9 Hole Stableford

1st Barry Hallahan 23pts

2nd John Meade 22pts

Gross Hugh Nolan 18pts

15th May 9 Hole V Par Singles

1st       Pat Fitzpatrick (Kanturk) (1)  3up

2nd      Jim Doody (15)                      1up (B6)

Gross   Dave Finn ( 2 )                        Level

14th May 9 Holes Stroke

1st      Ciaran Rice     31.5

2nd     Sean Hussey   (Kanturk) 32.5

Gross  Tim O Mahony  33

13th  May 9 Holes S/Ford

1st      Ml Cotter      23pts

2nd     Hugh Nolan  20pts

Gross  Colm Keating (Kanturk) 16pts

11th & 12th May 2019

18 Hole Open Week Singles

1st            Ciaran Rice  (11)                41 pts

2nd           Peter Earlie (Kanturk) (6)  40 pts

Gross        Sean Enright ( 1 )              37 pts

3rd            Hugh Nolan  ( 3 )              39 pts (B9)

            CSS Sat 67 . . . CSS Sun 69

Club Classic 2019 May 3rd - 6th

1st C McCann, K O'Donovan, C Rice 61pts

2nd P O'Callaghan, M Murphy, N O'Brien 61pts

Gross M Quirke, M Forde, K Murphy -1

18 Hole Singles 27th & 28th April

1st Phelim Cotter 37pts (CB)

2nd Keith Curtin 37pts

3 Person Team Event 19th - 22nd April

Gents J Doody, S Buckley, PJ Hammond 50pts

Ladies A Ladd, M Perry, R Barrett 51pts

Mixed T O'Mahony, E Kelleher, S Coughlan 52pts

18 Hole Singles 13th & 14th April

1st Pa Enright 38pts

Fourball 6th & 7th April

First Sean Cole & Ryan Hallahan 51pts

Second Michael Forde & John Curran 50pts

9 Hole Singles Ongoing

First Jim Doody (15) 26pts

Second Seamus O'Mahony (16) 25pts

Gross Seamus Stack (3) 20pts

Spring League 2019 Sponsored by Doneraile Golf Club Bridge Club                    
Winners  Team 2
 Damien Carey (1)
 Tom O'Shea (10)
Charlie Reynolds (12)
 T J Crowley (16)
Ian O'Mahony (29)

Runners Up Team 1                    
Tim O'Mahony (+1)   
Sean Cole (10) 
Damien O'Connor (14)   
John Coughlan (15)    
Cian Coughlan (28)  

Spring League 2019 Category Winners                  
Cat 1       T J Willis            
Cat 2       Sean Cole            
Cat 3-4    Seamus O'Mahony  


2nd & 3rd Feb 2019 9Hole Scramble

1st  Gents

James O Mahony & Ian O Mahony 24.25

1st Mixed

Sarah Coughlan & Cian Coughlan 24.25


T J Willis & Killian O Donovan 4 under

27th Jan 15 Hole 4/Ball Draw

1st Jim Doody + Cian Coughlan 41pts

2nd S O Mahony + Russell O Brien 40pts

Gross Sean Cole + E Roche 32pts

26th Jan 15 Hole Singles V-Par

1st Sean Cole   11 up

2nd Jim Doody   9 up

20TH Jan 15 Hole 4/Ball Draw

1st E O Shaughneesey + S O Mahony 39pts

Gross P Enright + S Buckley  31pts

13th Jan 15 H 4/Ball Draw

1st M Forde & S O Mahony 40pts ( C.B )

2nd D Harrington & K O Donovan 40pts

Gross J Hickey & J O Mahony 34pts

12th Jan 2019 15 Holes Singles


T J Crowley 38 pts

5th Jan 2019 15 Holes Singles


Ciaran Rice 32 pts

24th December 2018 to 4th January 2019

3 Person Scramble Results

Gents: James O’Mahony, Colm O’Mahony & Eoin Kelleher 60 Pts

Ladies: Ellen Walsh, Noreen Roche & Michelle Tobin (Cork) 46 Pts

Mixed: Eoin Kelleher, Colm O’Mahony & Marie Kelleher 58 Pts  


Christmas 9 Hole Ongoing Singles Stableford

1st     Colm O’Mahony  26 Pts

Sunday 23rd December 15 hole Draw

1st TJ Crowley & Finbarr Hallahan 42 Pts

2nd James O'Mahony & Liam Carelton 41 Pts

Gross Tim O'Mahony & Colm O'Mahony 32 Pts

Sunday 16th December 15 Hole Turkey Draw

1st Barry Hallahan & Eddie O'Keeffe 45pts

2nd Barry Hallahan & Eugene O'Shaughnessy 43pts

Gross Killian O'Donovan & John Hickey 32pts

Saturday 8th December 15 Hole Turkey Singles
1st             John Coughlan (15)        38pts
2nd            Jim Doody (15)            37pts
Gross        Tim O’Mahony (+1)        31pts

Sunday 9th November 15 Hole Fourball Turkey Draw
1st       James O’Mahony & Sean Cole            41pts
2nd      Patrick Enright & Colm O’Mahony     39pts
Gross   Killian O’Donovan & Sean Collins     30pts (CB)


Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December

Christmas Hamper 18 Hole Singles Stableford

1st         TJ Crowley (16)            48pts (B6)
2nd        Eoin Kelleher (11)        48pts
Gross    Phelim Cotter (5)           41pts


Saturday 24th November 15 Hole Turkey Singles V Par
1st         Jim Doody (15)                 10up 
2nd        Seamus O’Mahony (16)    7up
Gross    Tim O’Mahony (+1)           4up
Sunday 25th November 15 Hole Fourball Turkey Draw
1st        Jimmy Power & Willie Sweeney                       42pts
2nd       Eugene O’Shaughnessy & Richard Magnier     41pts
Gross   James O’Mahony & Jimmy Power                    35pts


Saturday 17th November 15 Hole Turkey Singles

1st                 James O’Mahony (6)        38pts

2nd                Paul Sweeney (11)           36pts

Gross            Killian Cotter (4)              31pts (B7)


Sunday 18th November 15 Hole Fourball Turkey Draw

1st   Paul Sweeney & Ian O’Mahony           40pts

2nd  Andy O’Reilly & Dermot Harrington   39pts

Gross Tim O’Mahony & Finbarr Hallahan  35pts

Saturday 10th November 15 Hole Turkey Singles
1st            Seamus O’Mahony (16)    36pts (B7)
2nd           TJ Crowley (16)                36pts
Gross        Tim O’Mahony (+1)         34pts 

Sunday 11th November 15 Hole Fourball Turkey Draw
1st         Niall Hanrahan & Andy O’Reilly      42pts (B7)
2nd        Tadhg Heenan & Jim Doody              42pts
Gross    John Hickey & Finbarr Hallahan        34pts


Saturday 3rd November 15 Hole Turkey Singles

1st                 Seamus O’Mahony (16)          36pts

2nd                Killian O’Donovan (10)          34pts

Gross            Tim O’Mahony (+1)                31pts    


Sunday 4th November 15 Hole Fourball Turkey Draw

1st          Jimmy Power & Eoin Kelleher        38pts (CB)

2nd         James O’Mahony & Eddie Roche   38pts

Gross     Pa Enright & Michael Sheehan        30pts

27th/28th/29th October 9 Hole Competition

1st    Jim Doody, TJ Crowley, Pat McCarthy 52pts
2nd   John Corbett, Christy Kelleher, Sean Hosey 44pts (Kanturk)
3rd    B.Hallahan, F. Hallahan, F.Carey, 43pts

20th & 21st October  2 Person Scramble

Best Gents    Tim O’Mahony & Willie Sweeney 55.25
Best Ladies   Sarah Coughlan & Karena Hunter 59.25
Best Mixed   Aoibheann Daly & Hugh Nolan 59.75


13th & 14th October 18 Hole Singles Stableford
1st             Conor Hannon (8)            40 pts
2nd            Conor McCann (17)         39 pts (B9)
Gross        Tim O’Mahony (+1)          37 pts (B3)
3rd             Trevor Keating (17)          39 pts (B9)

6th & 7th October 18 Hole Singles V Par
1st            Tadhg Heenan (4)             4 up (B6)
2nd           Seamus Stack (3)              4 up
Gross        Hugh Nolan (3)                1 up (B9)
3rd            Dermot O’Driscoll (21)    3 up (B9)


Ryder Cup Weekend 18 Hole Singles
29th & 30th September 2018
1st         Seamus O’Mahony (18)         42pts
2nd         Jimmy Power (9)                 40pts
Gross     Tim O’Mahony (+1)             38pts
3rd         Killian O’Donovan (11)         39pts

22nd & 23rd September 3 Person Team Event ‘Reverse Waltz’
Best Gents:
James O’Mahony, Eoin Kelleher, Seamus O’Mahony 46pts
Best Ladies:
Marie Murphy, Mary Cronin, Margaret O’Brien 39pts
Best Mixed:
Paula Walsh, Hugh Nolan, Aoibheann Daly 33pts

9 Hole Ongoing Singles 17th – 21st September
Winner: Conor O’Mahony (Mallow GC) (19) 20pts


Sunday 16th September 9 Hole Singles

        ‘Greenkeepers Revenge’
1st         Eddie Roche (11)             21pts
2nd        Seamus O’Mahony (18)  19pts
Gross    Tim O’Mahony (+1)         16pts (B3)
3rd         Killian Cotter (4)             18pts

8th & 9th September18 Hole Fourball
1st     John Curran (17) & Ryan Hallahan     (16)    47pts
2nd     Paul Sweeney (11) & Conor Curran (8)        45pts
Gross  Michael Quirke (1) & Dave Finn (2)         41pts

1st & 2nd September Stanley Nagle / Alex Mitchell Singles

1st       Killian O'Donovan (11)    61

2nd      Ciaran Rice (13)               62 (B9)

Gross   Damien Carey (1)             64

3rd       Seamus Stack (3)              62

25th & 26th August

Ladies Captain/President Prize to Gents

1st         Conor McCann (19)        45pts
2nd         James O’Mahony (7)     44pts (B9)
3rd         Finbarr Hallahan (17)     44pts
Gross     Tim O’Mahony (+1)       40pts


Sunday August 19th 18 Hole Singles

1st         Damien O’Connor   (14)        41pts
2nd        Eddie Lenihan         (12)        40pts
Gross    Darren Roche            (5)         34pts

Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th August

Junior Scratch Cup

1st                  Denis O’Donovan (4) Charleville    68

2nd                 Jim O’Keeffe (5) East Cork             70 (Back 9)

3rd                 Jack O’Keeffe (5)                             70

Nett                Cillian Hurley (10) Slievenamon     62

Intermediate Scratch Cup

1st                  Paul Sweeney (12)                               73

2nd                 David O’Callaghan (14) Fota              77 (Back 9)

3rd                  Killian O’Donovan (12)                      77

Nett                Seamus Buckley (13)                           64

Minor Scratch Cup

1st                  Don Wallace (18) Ballyneety            81 (Back 6)

2nd                 Finbarr Hallahan (18)                        81

3rd                 Seamus O’Mahony (18)                     82

Nett                T J Cotter (19)                                    63

Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th, Sunday 5th and Monday 6th August

3 Person Champagne Scramble 

Best Mixed:  Dermot Harrington (14), Paula Russell (23) & 

                      Joan Harrington (39) - 55 Pts

Best Gents:   Killian O'Donovan (12), Ciaran Rice (13) &             

                      Connor McCann (18) - 52 Pts

Best Ladies:  Eleanor Coughlan (16), Claire Hamilton (18) &

                      Eileen O'Donovan (25) - 49Pts

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July Fourball

1st        John Walsh (12) & Sean Collins (13)            46pts

2nd       Pat McCarthy (21) & Brian Thompson (18) 46pts

Gross   John Hickey (2) & Pat Enright (6)                 42pts

Thursday 26th July 2018 9 Hole Open Singles

Winner   Barry Hallahan (16)    20pts

20th, 21st & 22nd July Captain's Prize 2018

Mr. Pat McCarthy

First                       Tom Cole                  89.5    
Second                   Thomas Meade         91    
Third                      Oliver Deady            91.5    
Fourth                    TJ Crowley               92    
Fifth                        Sean Collins             94.5    
Sixth                       Billy Cotter               96    
Leading Qualifier   Eddie Roche             99.5    
Gross 27                 Tim O'Mahony         99    
Gross 18                 Kevin Cotter             69    
Past Captain           Joseph O'Keeffe        98.5    
Best Senior            Charlie Reynolds       98    
Third 9                   Sean Barrett               98    
First 9                     Patrick O'Callaghan  31    
Second 9                John Walsh                 29   


8th July 2018

Sponsored by ITOMIC
1st    Padraig O’Connor (+1) (Macroom)    68
2nd    Fergal O’Sullivan (Scr) (Tralee)    69
3rd    Ian Spillane (1) (Killarney)    69
Nett    Eric Dunlea (4) (Killarney)    66​


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